USAADO is the culmination of Connecticut legislative action initiated in 1997 by three individuals when The African Trade Act (PA 97-135) was approved by both House and Senate and signed by the Governor.

A more recent action (Senate Bill 880/SA 09-14) asked for detailed studies of twelve African countries over a 3 year period. This act passed and was signed by the Governor, but could not be implemented because of ongoing fiscal constraints in state government.

USAADO, founded by a group of highly motivated individuals in the Fall of 2009, is committed to studying, disseminating information and promoting sound import/export activity between Africa and The United States.

Most critical, and of greatest emphasis, is fascilitating one-to-one connections and person-to-person contacts between African and Connecticut businesses and individuals. USAADO was granted a 501 (c)(3) status in May 2013.


To find, promote, and sustain import/export and other economic opportunities between Connecticut and African countries, and as our ability permits, with wider circles throughout the United States and the world.

Identify specific economic opportunities on both sides of the Atlantic.

Promote communication between organizations on both continents.

Develop structures to implement rapid and comprehensive dialogue between stakeholders.

Continuously Design programs to educate all levels of consumers, producers and stakeholders.

Founding Members